neljapäev, 9. november 2017

From Rivera's Groove Box #257: James Braun - Tearjerker EP

James Braun - Tearjerker EP (Tartelet Records, 2017)

After a five-year hiatus, Tartelet mainstay James Braun returns with the EP Tearjerker, announcing his debut album for 2018.

I like the playful happy synth chord melodies of Tearjerker. Hakkebøf is a solid piece of hypnotic techno, one meant for those dark and sweaty basement dance nights. All tracks are very neatly put together with a superb sound quality. Deep and exciting dance music!

neljapäev, 2. november 2017

From Rivera's Groove Box #256: Justin Martin - Snow Day

Excellent deep, melancholic and dreamy house music.The day I uploaded this video to youtube, it was snowing and the snow stayed for a few days until it melted. The long term weather forecast says that in the bottom half of november, it will get colder and more snow is expected. December is promising to be very cold and snowy. I'm not that into cold weather and snow, but the kids love it!

reede, 13. oktoober 2017

From Rivera's Groove Box #255: Volruptus - Hessdalen

Iceland is a mystic land, and so is the techno music which originates from there. Producers like Exos, Bjarki, Ruxpin, Sanasol or Ozy are names which bring a smile to many techno music lovers all around the world. Volruptus is a new name from the Icelandic techno scene, but in a short time he has gained lot of attention with his doings. It's no wonder a forward-thinking techno label like Nina Kraviz Trip recordings has signed his latest EP. Volruptus is making classic sounding electro techno music, which is influenced from all things cosmic, extraterrestial, sci-fi and alien. In fact, Volruptus himself says he is an alien who has been reborn inside a human body with a mission to create and spread new and wonderful sounds to us unknowing humans. Listening to this track, I say that I totally believe this. Monochromatic music with crisp drum machine beats and weird beeping lazer synthesizers, which make the listener feel like he will start floating through space. It all sounds like Volruptus is trying to put together an intergalatic morse code, contacting some far out living alien civilization. I could see this music being compared easily with the likes of Drexciya, Legowelt or Hagues I-F, but Volruptus is still a newcomer and he has plenty of time to prove himself among these electro techno giants.

neljapäev, 14. september 2017

From Rivera's Groove Box #253: Michael Watford - Holdin On'

Ron Trent says that this is among the best deep house track ever recorded. I agree. An early Roger Sanchez production, one of his finest.

neljapäev, 31. august 2017

From Rivera's Groove Box #252: Molima - Think'in Bout U

This is it. Officially, this is the cutest house track ever. An obscure US New Jersey deep house gem from 1992. It's a mysterious track, because this is the only track Molima ever did. The producers behind the track, Canadian Len Grant and Naresh Sukhu didn't release much house tracks either, but their other house record called 'Jazz Party' is worth also checking out for some genuine early 90s garage house vibes. And don't forget to check out and subscribe to Underground Music Channel from Youtube from some other great uploads!

kolmapäev, 23. august 2017

From RIvera's Groove Box #251: R.I.P. Productions - Deep Inspiration

Oh man. Is this like the deepest UK Garage track ever created? Certainly one of the finest from that style. This track was originally released in 1996 and was one of three tracks on the Deep Dubs Vol 1 EP. R.I.P. Productions records have been highly sought after. Released when UK Garage was in its prime time years, before the Speed Garage and 2 Step craze took it over. The duo consists of Omar Adimora & Tim Liken (aka Tim Deluxe). Another popular project of theirs was Double 99 which released the monster hit 'RIP Groove'.