kolmapäev, 24. jaanuar 2018

From Rivera's Groove Box #266: West Coast Swingaz - Got 2 B Houz

For me, one of the biggest influence has always been the rough sound of Chicago house music. Chicago house just feels so right. This track is not from Chicago, and it certainly isn't from the eighties, but it is crafted delicately to sound like it really could be. Call it a tribute.

From Rivera's Groove Box #265: Mella Dee - Techno Disco Tool

Some of you said it's one of the best dance tracks of 2017. It is very well done indeed, reminiscent of loopy disco house sounding techno tracks of the late 90s. Very noticeable Sister Sledge sample, but well used - a wondrous loop of high-powered soul, backed by an electrifying shade of FX filtering. Bangin.

From Rivera's Groove Box #264: Steve Murphy & DJ Octopus - Raw Escape

Hard hitting disco sampling (Linx 'You're Lying') lo-fi house nutter. Party starting guaranteed dance anthem.

From Rivera's Groove Box #263: MK - You Brought Me Love

A huge underground garage classic. A track with a tight groove, phat bassline and garagey piano chords. The B-side for 'Burning' which is the better known track. 'You Brought Me Love' is a dark basement groove of the highest order and it had big influence on the whole UK Garage scene.

neljapäev, 4. jaanuar 2018

From Rivera's Groove Box #262: Jovonn - Love Destination

One of the best Jovonn tracks suffers unfortunately from one of the most awful mastering quality I've ever heard on a house record. Its bad sound has been notorious - too distorted, the bass sounds too heavy, overcompressed. And for years until the Mojuba repress, the record was really sought after and overpriced, with some copies fetching over few hundred quids on Discogs. But, it's still a great track - and while some deem it unplayable in clubs, I kinda appreciate its lo-fi quality. It gives the track some more personality.

neljapäev, 28. detsember 2017

From Rivera's Groove Box #261: Take One - Say My Name (I Don't Think So)

Sexy house. But since hasn't house music ever been sexy? It's dance music, it is supposed to feel sexy. George Morel made very nice garage sounding tracks, and he had his own sound - he didn't really work much with sampling other records (liiiike so many others did back then). Co-produced with Bobby D'Ambrosio, sexy vocals by Pamela Belcher (her only songwriting credit). Excuse me Charles, you want meee to say your name? I don't think so. 

From Rivera's Groove Box #260: Princess Di - Who's Dick This

Loudmouthed, X-rated, ghetto style New Jersey house. The beat is nice, as is its raw production, garage sounding grooves. Very nice. Princess Di also made a few other loudmouthed X-rated underground house tunes.